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TCL Environmental is your one-stop-shop for all your demolition and abatement needs.

Our demolition/abatement services include:​

Floor Removal


Popcorn Ceiling

Pipe Fittings/Elbows

Drywall Joint Compound

Leveling Compound

Attic Insultaion

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Asbestos abatement involves the identification, removal, repair and encapsulation of materials or products in a structure to eliminate the threat of exposure to toxic asbestos fibres.

TCL Environmental provides abatement and decontamination services for: 

1. Commercial buildings

2. Industrial buildings

3. Residential buildings


Mould growth will occur when walls, wood and other home building materials are exposed to water damage and aren't dried immediately.

Technicians prepare and contain the affected areas, remove damaged materials and treat the structure with anti-microbial agents to eliminate mould growth at the source and to prevent spreading.


Sometimes called interior strip-out, dismantling or involves removing only selected parts of a building or structure, rather than demolishing the entire structure. Because dismantling often occurs in facilities or buildings maintaining active operations, TCL Environmental carefully analyzes each project to ensure maximum safety and minimum disruption to surrounding area.


Some older homes in Canada may have lead-based paint on the walls. Removing, repairing or disturbing this paint through normal wear-and-tear (such as paint on doors, windows, stairs and railings) can expose you and your children to serious health risks. TCL Environmental provides the removal or lead paint to the highest of industry standards.